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Valentine's day hasn't always been one of my favorite holidays. It tends to leave many people feeling lonely and empty instead of loved and seen. Quite a few years ago I remember waking up on Valentine's day feeling annoyed that this cheesy day had come once again. The longer I sat and thought about it, the more I began to question my own judgment on this so called day of love. I began to think about what love means to me and where exactly love comes from. I started to love Valentine's day from that day forward. Why? To me it is a day I get to reflect on my Heavenly Father's love. I believe that God is love. And that the purest form of love is sacrifice, just like He chose to do when He sacrificed His son for all of us. He is good, He is true, He is light, He is life, and He is LOVE. So this day that can leave so many people annoyed and alone, now has left me feeling hopeful and thankful, because on this day, people around the world are celebrating love, and since God is love, they might just be getting a glimpse of my Lord and savior. I hope this fun, little collection can remind you of your meaning and source of love. 

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