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I grew up finding so much joy in butterflies. My room was filled with them, and I also was trying to catch them (and release of course) any chance I could get. We seemed to both have an affinity for flowers, and color. Now I not only appreciate them and their beauty, but also their cycle of life they undergo to become such unique, and delicate insects. From a wormlike larvae, to a motionless cocoon, their stages have such an ebb and flow about them that inspire me in my work and my life. Seasons come and seasons go. People come and people go. Pain comes and pain goes. It’s what you become…it’s what you create… it’s the art of living itself that will be remembered, when our days on earth come to an end. So these butterflies prod and remind me to ask the question, how will I cultivate a life worth living despite what comes and goes? How will I leave people? What will I become and how will I use stages of life, grief, and love to reflect the beauty of the Lord, the ultimate creator Himself.

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