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Often times I paint without a clear meaning as to what a new collection will mean and become. I let the body of work I create speak to me once I am finished and settle into the inspiration it provides. When I look at this collection I think of the distance between...the distance between lovers, the distance between cultures and families, the distance between elements of nature, and the distance between you and the stranger passing you on the street. Those distances may be physical, emotional, or spiritual, but at the end of the day, that distance grows smaller and smaller when we recognize the soul within everything. From the heartbeat of the earth when the waves pound and thunder roars, to the tears that fall and sting when you lose someone you love, to the joy of discovering you can love again despite the heartbreak you've faced - we are all connected despite  the distance. We are connected to the earth, each other, and everything in between. I hope this collection leaves you inspired and left hoping for a world connected through more love and less hate, and that the distance between is not as stifling as you think.

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