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This collection has been brewing for a long time now. From my time spent out in Wyoming working on a ranch, to my years spent riding horses, and to my love for the wild west and everything it has to offer, these cowgirls bring sass & a little whimsy magic to my imagination. Each color pallet and puzzle

like gold bits evoke different emotions  while transporting me to a different place and time. The 5x7 pieces bring about movement and action in my mind. They remind me of everything I thought a

cowgirl should be when I was little...spunky, colorful, proud, confident, and most of all, free. The 4x6 pieces are meant to resemble rainbows going over the cowgirls, inspired by Kacey Musgrave's

song, Rainbow. Each their own color, reminding me that no ones rainbow looks the same. We all seek

that pot of gold, and it all winds up being different, but even so, we have a beautiful beam of color shining over us. My hope is that these bring inspiration to you in new ways and maybe transport you

to a memory or that "some day,""cowgirl" dream.

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